Vegan Popcorn Chicken / Recipe

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Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on

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You all know what to do.



Woman has a lot of sex: Whore.

Man has a lot of sex: God.

Woman is virgin by choice: Pure magical creature.

Man is virgin by choice: Loser.

society u ok

i’m glad she included the flip side

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If I told you I was going to turn your kitten into slippers or your dog into a throw rug you would be horrified and think I was crazy and disgusting. So don’t you dare ever say a word about belts or boots or handbags in relation to my snakes. I will cut you out without any hesitation. I do not need people in my life who think it’s funny to joke about killing and skinning my pets for clothing and accessories.

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THIS GOES FOR EVERY ANIMAL EVER. if you get an animal for your kid, that animal is still your responsibility. you need to research their care and you need to double check that it’s carried out properly and if your kid gets bored, SURPRISE it’s your responsibility now.

basically, your 8 year old kid can barely take care of themselves don’t even pretend like they can provide proper care for an exotic animal with specific (sometimes very difficult to meet) needs without some sort of guidance. teach your kids the importance of looking into proper care and providing it like my mom did instead of letting the animal suffer while you sit around apathetic.

also, letting your kid make an animal suffer and ultimately die is not a “good lesson” for them. animals aren’t inanimate objects.

This is very important.


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Why is body hair only unhygienic when its on a woman’s body?

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