That awful moment when you wake up.

this happens to me like every day it’s annoying

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We had to create a self portrait for class that didn’t include our physical selves… I chose to really make use of self reflection with this project.

As an ISFJ/Virgo personality I tend to be very organized, analytical and bottle up my emotions.

I wanted to make use of these jars and display my experiences dealing with both depression (the black bottle) and anxiety (the cracked bottle), however keep them slightly out of focus- I may still be dealing with these issues, they may still affect my life daily but they are no longer at the forefront of my life, I am in recovery and I am winning. 

Then there’s the jar with glitter, I had different pictures where all three jars were standing up in order and all bottled up, but it felt wrong. I decided to knock this one over and have the contents spill out, though I still experience the downfalls of depression and anxiety, it no longer inhibits me from being brave and showing my true colours and sharing my love for the world and everyone around me- I am optimistic, I am radiant, I am free. 

- Katie

I FUCKING LOVE THIS. Also, life is messy! This is so beautiful, omg. Great job!!

This is so incredibly beautiful :)

This is amazing wow

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First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

this is the most important thing right now.

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baby steps to learning to love yourself :

- look in the mirror everyday and say “wow i’m super cute”

- drink lots of h20 

- wear whatever you’d like and don’t let anyone stop you

- ignore the scale

- eat lots of strawberries

- spend time with nature

- do things that make YOU feel good

- you got this

- i believe in you

- you’re worth it

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it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 

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Stop killing the snakes you find.

More than likely it’s a snake native to the area.

More than likely it’s illegal for you to kill or collect it without a license.

It might also be endangered as there are several protected rattlesnakes and colubrids in the US depending on state. This includes but is not limited  to Timber Rattlers and some garter, racer, rat, and bullsnake species.

Also there are some states that are really anal about protection of their native species from poaching- YES POACHING, that is what illegal hunting is called after all.

Please call AC, your local herp society, or get in contact with a snake-knowledgeable person who can provide a reliable ID and assistance dealing with the problem.

Alright you fuckers it’s time to spread this like wildfire again.

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Give it to me

So yall just not gon give us the name of this beautiful item?


For anyone wondering: She used MAC’s Nightmoth lip pencil and Make Up Store’s Atomic LED lipgloss 




Since I haven’t seen any posts about it on Tumblr, I figured I’d make the post myself! #heardwhilstdisabled is a trending hashtag on twitter, has been on-and-off for awhile obviously, and it’s about the common, casual microagressions the disabled of all stripes have to deal with. It’s UK- and AU-based primarily from the looks of it but I would think it applies to most disabled people - I certainly know I’ve heard my share of this kind of ableism. Here’s more tweets (source is The Indepedant):

@DamonLord #heardwhilstdisabled “that’s so sad. That baby will grow up with a blind father. We should call Social Services on them” About me and my son

@Quinonostante #HeardWhilstDisabled: “mental illness could be eradicated though right?” Me: “how’d you mean?” The reply: “By sterilising people”

@Imbecillis #heardwhilstdisabled Person: “You don’t look disabled…” Me: “I’m sorry I didn’t realise the neon sign was compulsory these days.”

@RedRubyGem #heardwhilstdisabled My housebound daughter was told if she didn’t attend interview at job centre her benefits would be stopped

@lauraevans311 Learning about DMD [muscular dystrophy] – fellow med student: “If they’re only going to live that long, what’s the point in educating them?”#heardwhiledisabled

@major___tom ‘I don’t want to vaccinate my kids in case they end up autistic like you’ #heardwhiledisabled

@TwinsMa #Heardwhiledisabled “If you’d stop coddling him, he’d quit being so clingy.”– says a former pediatrician to me about my autistic son

@claireOT told I’m “a bloody disabled” by a taxi driver when refusing to pay an extra £2 to carry my scooter #heardwhiledisabled

@thebeardlessone “You won’t make any friends if you keep making noises” #heardwhiledisabled (Actually, he’s the only person to diss my tourettes to my face)

@latentexistence #HeardWhileDisabled While visiting psychiatrist for suicidal thoughts, in a wheelchair: “You just need to exercise more.”

@usherchic2 #heardwhiledisabled so do you just tell your guide dog the plan for the day in the morning & he sorts it all out? Me:……

@Geeketteuk “Hitler was wrong about the Jews but right about people like you” (thanks for not being anti-semitic !) #heardwhilstdisabled

@Fire_Rosa #heardwhilstdisabled At the Dentist with Husband and Carer, receptionist” What home do you come from?* my own?

@lizmcternan #heardwhilstdisabled at a buffet, me in wheelchair, helping blind friend choose: ‘You people take up so much room’

@PottsMcG #heardwhilstdisabled “Don’t stare at her, she’s not all there” as said about my 9 year old sister in law, who has down’s syndrome. Vile

@AvoidedDrowning Frequently been told off for using a walking stick because I’m “too young to need it” too #heardwhilstdisabled

@hypatia “you people shouldn’t use rush hour transport, it’s for people going to work”. (me in suit with backpack) #heardwhilstdisabled

@MatthewJFowler #heardwhilstdisabled. Your not albino you haven’t got red eyes

@sparklygoth #heardwhilstdisabled ‘You don’t look deaf.’ & that looks like what exactly?

@badfanfic “They’ll diagnose anyone with autism these days” – my doctor #heardwhilstdisabled

@CarrieBeckwith #heardwhilstdisabled “we don’t have a ramp cos we don’t get disabled customers” – prob cos they can’t get into our shop!

@Wheelchair_Dave #HeardWhilstDisabled Someone asked wife “Did you know when you married him 15 years ago, he may have an accident & become disabled”

@WTBDavidG #heardwhilstdisabled Office fire warden 3 “You’re so disabled we need you to wait before using stairs, but not so disabled u need an evac plan”

@Becca_Boot #heardwhilstdisabled bus driver lowering ramp “i don’t have to do this, im going out of my way to help you, you better behave on here”

@VictoriaMWright Man: “she.. (gestures at me) makes me wanna (makes vomitting sound)” #heardwhilstdisabled

@WelshWallace #HeardWhilstDisabled police officer to me after being mugged – your not going to be much help as your blind & not able to give a description

@MelG1804 When refused access to restaurant with guide dog, relative said they shouldn’t have to take dogs if they don’t want to. #heardwhilstdisabled

@touretteshero #heardwhilstdisabled I know what would cure you – an exorcism #Tourettes

@Beakboo #heardwhilstdisabled My Irish mother, when she saw an obviously disabled person, in a loud whisper “would you look at that poor creature”

@theeternal “I thought autism was only in children.”#heardwhilstdisabled

@ScottTweed #HeardWhilstDisabled my personal favourite was “if you’re mum had seen a medium when pregnant then you wouldn’t of been born disabled”

@cvonruhland #heardwhilstdisabled Elderly landlady: ‘Why do disabled people need ‘rights’? They’re disabled, aren’t they.’ Gobsmacked

@urbanhippie21 #HeardWhilstDisabled hubby, in a swanky Shoreditch bar – is there a disabled loo? Them – no. There’s no demand for one. Him – I’m demanding

@supermattachine #heardwhilstdisabled “Hahahaha it’s so funny when you freak out when I come up behind you”

"You’re so lucky I wish I was you so I could be pretty"

Heard in specialist waiting room from the receptionist to a sales rep, “Well if parking wasn’t $3 I would walk, there’s just not any parking on the street!”
"Okay but you can walk. The parking is for people who can’t though, right?”
"…I’ll probably come down with it soon enough, she is my mother.”

Same “specialist” used coyotes as an example of desert survival without the ability to sweat in his lecture about low vitamin D and then proceeded to tell me to “bob up and down under the water” in a pool, after he needed an explanation of what happens when your autonomic nervous system fails.
Because vitamin D might be more important than real medical disorders.
On top of being unable to bring himself to say the word “vagina”, he also has never read about coyotes because they do not lick themselves to stay cool. 

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Functioning labels are bullshit


Let’s take two girls with autism.

Trisha is an articulate and eloquent writer. She has autism, but that hasn’t kept her from presenting and preforming for large audiences. Her teachers have described her as introverted, bookish, gifted, and eager-to-please. She has multiple friends, she can take a train across the city independentally, and her mother thinks nothing of leaving her home alone with her younger brother.

Kailey cannot bathe herself and has trouble with dressing, eating and most activities of daily living. She spends hours engaging in self-stimulatory behavior and she routinely self-injures to the point of bloody sores. She has meltdowns in which she hits herself, bashes her head into walls, and destroys things; medication cannot control them. She has limited verbal ability and a wandering problem that has led to her almost walking into cars. She cannot function in a normal school.

Which of these people sounds “low functioning” and which sounds “high functioning”?

Guess what? They are both me.

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One of the best things about summer!


Good for you and your birds!


Backstage @ Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture 

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